This City Mum

Hello! We’ve survived beyond the 6 month marker. Baby hasn’t been stolen by baby-thieves / pram hasn’t rolled into the road / we haven’t walked out the house and somehow forgotten we had a little bundle sleeping upstairs (as if!). Little things we worried about have passed. Life is feeling soooo much better than during those early months. 

I’m mum to Jasper – now a wriggling, wiggling infant. No longer that helpless baby-package we brought home from the hospital. I’m no longer that awe-struck and somewhat naive – and a bit fearful – First Time Mum.  Thank god!

Heck – it’s a radical change from City Life. Who knew a baby-sabbatical from Career-Town would be such a radical change.  I mean – I knew… but I didn’t understand.

If you’re preparing to head out on maternity leave – maybe you’ll be amused by this career woman’s musings as she prepared to transition from Corporate Demands to breast pumps and nappies.

If you’re on leave with your little person and are thinking ‘am I the only one finding this stuff so hard?’ –  you can drink to another city-mama’s fears, failings, and f***-ups.

Here, you’ll also find thoughts and info on heading out on maternity leave, how to maximise your maternity leave, and things to think about on your return to work.

…Maternity and Back. We’ve got this!