Balance, juggle, spin, Paris!

Haven’t been blogging for a while as…. I’ve been busier than a bumble bee in a garden full of lavender! (How’s that for a summer phrase?)

That’s a crap excuse I know – but here’s what’s been happening. 

  1. We decided it would be an awesome idea to take Jasper on his first transatlantic flight. It was super – two weeks in the US. One in New York and one in Miami. BLISS. But the baby and parental jet lag at either end was shocking… bleugh. Travel tips coming.
  2. I’ve been back with my legal-eagle team on some work-y stuff, using my KIT days. Pretty intensive compared with focusing on naps, poo, and weaning. Even managed a work trip to California and FaceTimed Jasper each day… it was tough being away, but also kinda great to Do My Thing. More on that later. 
  3. Jasper has been working on learning to eat food. So lots of mess and purees and finger foods. The dog has never been so well fed. I bake cookies and muffins and watch as Jasper feeds said dog… nothing irritating about that. 

It’s made me reflect on how much women can achieve. Balancing home life and relationships, organising the home, taking on Grown Up work while getting by on very little sleep… Chuck in making purees and keeping the dog walked (given her new additional calorie intake from Jasper’s eating efforts…). 

Life is hectic, fun and chaotic all at once with a baby. I miss my old life (and traveling light). When I’m doing my old life, I miss the New Me that stops and plays with a leaf on the ground with a funny little baby who’s quickly becoming a boy…

Next stop: a new adventure in Paris to support my awesome friend’s business, Nurturing Mums, at a trade show. I get to be a buyer of baby gear for the weekend! I THINK I’ve just found my heavenly job, shopping for babies in Paris… Check out Nurturing Mums, and love to Lucinda!

Mwah xxx (French kisses to you, as the Eurostar doors click closed…)

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