Ice cubes: I miss you (getting the freezer ready to w-o-r-k)

My freezer used to contain lots of ice cubes (for the G&Ts), a wine cooler gift, an emergency bag of sweet corn and another of peas, and some ‘we’re out of food and hungry’ frozen chicken. Which I kind of binned every other month as it looked so unappetising. 

We basically lived from fresh foods, free and spontaneous as to what we wanted to eat – shopping every few days and cooking how we felt. Or eating out. Yes, sometimes dinner would be 9pm as it took time to cook – but no sweat! Food was relaxed and turned up when it was ready…

Jasper doesn’t respond so well to dinner at 9pm. Things had to change.

Hell, my freezer has had a makeover!

I just took stock of my freezer and it’s unrecognisable (and I have to admit, a massive improvement save for one exception). We’ve finally (initially, reluctantly) caught on to the idea that we need to be baby-ready and organised at all times. 

This means our freezer is now home to LOTS of pots of frozen baby meals – some quite interesting stuff. Slow cooked risotto, stews, curries, lentils with courgette (!), little cubes of exotic fruit purées, oatmeal cookies, omelettes. 

And for mum and dad? For the first time ever, we have a couple of frozen meals of Grown-Up foods. Including pots of coconut milk, raspberry and chia seed puddings (whaaaaat?! I know – sounds good right?!). 

The exception? I don’t have any ice cube trays left. They’re full of frozen spinach, mango, bolognaise or fish pie. Not exactly G&T ready. 

We’re not in Kansas any more!

Its undeniable. The freezer is yet another example of The Great Baby Invasion. 

None of the baby books tell you to consider whether you need to buy a bigger freezer…

What’s in yours? 

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